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Biology is all around us, visible and invisible. It exists in ourselves, in parks, rivers and ponds. The consequences of it are manifested in farms, the food manufacturing industries, medical sciences and genetic engineering.

To study biology is to develop our understanding of the living world and marvel at the efficiency of the life processes in animals, plants and microorganisms. Such knowledge not only enriches and ignite our curiosity but we can appreciate and benefit from its application in the areas of agriculture, the programs of the NHS, species conservation and preservation and most recently the genome project.

More significantly, studying Biology provides the opportunity for personal and intellectual development that foster life skills that are fundamental in any career that we pursue. The careers of the future will demand of us the ability to make decisions, analyse and evaluate seemingly valid claims as well as work in collaboration with our peers and communicate effectively.

To study biology is to be prepared for the challenges of the future and having the capacity to adapt in order to be successful.

Chemistry is the study of matter and energy and the interaction between them. It enables us to understand the properties of different materials and to transform materials into new and useful substances. Classed as the "Central Science", it helps to bridge the gaps between physical sciences like maths and physics, with applied sciences, like biology, medicine and engineering. Chemistry can grant explanations to the most complex and abstract physical and biological occurrences that permeate our daily lives.

Chemistry helps to develop higher-order thinking skills to solve problems, develop research and analytical skills. Furthermore, it challenges us to generate novel ideas using logic and step-by-step reasoning. It fosters the ability to be creative as well as critical in finding solutions to issues that arise and requires the use of the scientific process to make hypothesis and test them. Studying chemistry develops a person’s curiosity and drive in the  quest to figure out how matter in our world react to produce materials with new properties that make life better.

Physics is the study of proven truths that we experience daily. Gravity, force, acceleration, energy and electricity are the proven truths we use daily. Physics entails understanding the fundamental principles that govern our Universe such as the science of stars, comets, dark matter and much more.

The thinking processes in Physics stretch and expand the minds of our students, building on their knowledge and providing them with opportunities to think critically while constructing new meanings in physics. This encourages our young scientists to be curious, creative and inculcate the mental toughness necessary in life.

By studying Physics, our young 21st century students develop their own knowledge and skills essential for applying new technology in the world of engineering and research.

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