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Retweetd From South Norwood Police

We have been with Polsa conducting Weapon Sweeps around Melfort Park with and


Retweetd From Harris Federation

It was such an amazing day of + an amazing display of skill. Thanks again to our special guest James our sponsors and . Huge thanks to Dan and his team for making the day a huge 🏆


A wonderful day for all


Retweetd From Harris Invictus

We Know. We Can. We Will. Looking excellent Harris Invictus! Sports Day 2018 is well underway!


Retweetd From Louise Martin

Bringing home the medals 🥇 Federation Sports Day 👍🏼


Stadium filling up nicely


Retweetd From Harris Federation

Looking forward to seeing our amazing in action tomorrow. Thank you to our sports day sponsors and for making it possible and our special guest British sprinter


Retweetd From Harris Invictus

What an inspiring afternoon at Canterbury Road Recreation Ground! Our HIAC students really have made us proud! A huge thank you to &


Retweetd From Harris Invictus

Our amazing poetry is now on display down at Canterbury Recreation Ground! A huge thank you to for making it all happen. Totally Inspiring! Well done to all staff and students!


Retweetd From Harris South Norwood

Working with and helping broaden our students' lives - Citizens Scholars Ambassadors


Working with and helping broaden our students' lives - Citizens Scholars Ambassadors


Retweetd From Wandle HA

We're very proud to support our community,that's why we worked in partnership with year nine students from to produce a magazine highlighting the needs of homeless people in London. The group of students sold the magazine and raised £250 for . Well done!


Retweetd From HarrisSchoolDirect

Lord Harris has officially opened our new training base this evening. Inspiring words, as ever: "It's not just about education, it's about motivating the students to achieve their absolute best for their own future and Harris ITE is supporting that every day".


Retweetd From Elizabeth James® Gallery

Lovely to see artist Nasha Bradshaw in the gallery today! Giving some tips and advice to our South Norwood work experience student Jesse


Retweetd From Harris Federation

Are You Ready?


superb art from our Year 11 GCSE classes


A fabulous GCSE art exhibition at by our Norwood Year 11 students


Very good luck to all our work experience students this fortnight. you will have some of the most enjoyable and inspiring times


Retweetd From Shea Williams

At the London Youth Games 2018! Doing great so far👍🏾


Our Year 11 celebrate tonight with their End of Senior Prom. Much hope and much faith.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office













Aims/Learning Ethos

A vision for every teacher, every student and every leader to be outstanding – the expectation is clear, we foster a culture of academic excellence, ambition and aspiration. All students  yet in particular our most vulnerable are nurtured and cared for in a holistic way.

The Harris Academy South Norwood is a vibrant Business and Enterprise Academy at the heart of the community in South Norwood. There is a culture of high expectations for all students, which underpins every development in the Academy. Harris Academy South Norwood has developed flexible and creative approaches to teaching and learning that raises standards for all.

A positive ethos has been embedded around the focus on Business and Enterprise through which we equip all students with the best possible education, ensuring they are fully prepared to succeed in their chosen careers as constructive citizens of the wider society in which they will live and work. We have 3 “golden rules” for all students AND staff: “I am here to learn”; “I have a positive attitude” and “I will make it happen”.

Our 6th form has grown to be the largest in the Federation, from 43 students way back in 2007 to 380 in 2013. We are full in all other year groups and we believe this is a testament to the reputation and continued success of the Academy.

Using the specialism of Business and Enterprise six core principles have been established that are recognised across the Academy as promoting enterprising learning. Students and staff develop the meanings of these principles throughout the year, during tutor time, assemblies, student councils and implementation of our policies.

These principles are also be used as part of the self evaluation and review process.

  • Learning First
  • High Aspirations
  • Business Environment
  • Celebrate Success
  • Growing confidence
  • Spirit of Enterprise

An Academy ethos of encouragement is central to the promotion of good learning. Rewards are one of the means of achieving this, they have a motivational role in helping students to realise that good behaviour and high achievement is valued. The Academy has wide range of ways to ensure that all student achievements are recognised regularly and shared with parents/carers. As well as systems for accumulating Academy Merits there are termly Rewards evenings and Celebrations Assemblies within Hubs, as well as an array of other awards events during the year which recognising a range of achievement.

All this leads inevitably to the following Mission Statement:

“Achieving excellence through Enterprise”