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welcome back on their trek back. 3pm back at campsite forecast has provided almost all the leaders on the weekend. Thanks so much to Ms Daly, Mr Date, Roche, Williamson and of course Ms Stafford.


Groups 1-3 make their checkpoints with ease! Come on HASN!


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Breaking camp and saying goodbye to beautiful Dell where we saw 20 deer, croakingmagpies, squirrels galore but one or two foxes


Breaking camp and saying goodbye to beautiful Dell where we saw 20 deer, croakingmagpies, squirrels galore but one or two foxes


Duke of Edinburgh award practice expedition update: “Getting ready after breakfast. Some groups are all packed up ready go, others haven’t started... we’ve told them we’re leaving at 8 and if we miss the coach we will have to walk back to school”


They made it to base camp!


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We are so glad you are here!


Duke of Edinburgh Awards practice expedition - images of Biggin Hill


How can MinION help with sample return, crew health, detecting life beyond earth, research or monitoring fungi on the ISS? Sarah Wallace presenting the answers to how 🧬 sequencing can be used in microgravity.


Thank you for the opportunity, a fantastic event to promote STEM to our students!


Our Y12 biologists are currently learning about Nanopore technology and the use in forensics


Five of our Year 12 Biologists are spending the day at the London Calling 2019 STEM conference today


Versailles & Paris hosts Norwood students this week


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Delighted to be back today as part of my NPQH placement. Huge thanks to and his team again for their welcome and support.


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All of our trainee teachers are assigned an in-school mentor who will support them throughout the duration of the course, including having weekly meetings to support progress. Meet some of our mentors in the video below!


The Duke of Cambridge speaks about bereavement


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Cast your vote! Help us pick a space-themed film for our upcoming Family Film Club this summer 🌙✨


Thank you so so much one and all


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Fantastic day of mock interviews at with amazing volunteers 🙌🏿🙌🏿 The students get a lot of key information from these sessions, but for the volunteers it is a chance to put themselves in somebody else's shoes and understand the challenges face.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Creative Voice


Our Hub vision is to create an inspirational alive community that exceeds expectations. To empower self-direction, independent thought and expression through language and visual forms

Learning Hub AIMS

  • Developing inquisitive thought that is articulated with high levels of enthusiasm and engagement.
  • Developing highly effective literacy strategies that can motivate and create confidence in the teacher and learner.
  • Developing innovative styles of learning through language, movement and media.

English and Media

English is both a practical activity needed in everyday life and an intellectual discipline that allows students to access much deeper levels of interpretation. An English education, which begins pre-school, will cover all text types, developing the craft of writing and speaking & listening. Like the other arts, it involves imagination and feelings and helps us to make sense of the world. Being a confident reader of novels filled with imagined characters and situations, and the relationships and events that they encounter helps students to develop empathy.


Through engagement in reading, writing and speaking & listening, students apply their imaginations and draw upon their own personal experiences. Their increasing knowledge and understanding of how these three different elements make up English enables them to effectively shape, express and share their ideas, feelings and responses, making use of language in a way that is clear, nuanced and perceptive. Outstanding English teaching will result in students learning about different genres and times.  English communicates through the language and conventions of both the written and spoken word. This results in all students gaining access to the greatest form of human expression in the recognised world.

The English language is international, used as the dominant way of communicating across the world. It facilitates opportunities for students to explore the world of people from other places, times and cultures, and to examine differences and similarities with their own environment.

Modern Foreign Languages


Learning a foreign language takes time and dedication. Through language learning, our students learn to commit to an intellectual and academic discipline which they can develop and explore fully over time and with regular practice. Learning a language therefore teaches students to develop high aspirations, to show courage in formulating ideas in a foreign language and to develop their self-confidence.  Achieving good grades in an MFL language can inform student perspectives on career and life opening up worldwide opportunities.