Amazing afternoon at Rosslyn Park 7s. Big win after some special coaching from legend .…


Thanks to coming in to teach our TalentID students about fitness and nutrition.


Students attending Athletics training on Tuesday evening. Training to improve track & field.…


Yr 7 Girls coming 4th in a Croydon League Netball tournament out of 13 schools. Top work ladies!


Yr 10 GCSE students began their path to becoming Sports Leaders today as they started studying for the Game Force A…


Girls athletics training has commenced with a record number of 40 girls attending training! Wednesdays @ HASN…


Our boys beat Oxford 2-1. A great attitude shown by all with Nathan scoring the winner!


Great day out in Portsmouth with the Norwood Talent ID Footballers. Training, meeting the 1st Team Squad and seeing…


Y9 boys are in the Federation Football Finals after a 5-4 win at Beckenham


The boys at Burgess Park BMX track, Norwood ID Programme allowing pupils to sample a variety of different sports…


The girls on the Norwood Talent ID Programme learning how to race BMX


Patrick on the ball before scoring one of his 3 goals in the 6-2 cup quarter final win for the Year 10 Boys over Ha…


Harris students had a very exciting and productive day creating the BBC School Report Video 2017. Click here…


Retweetd From St Mark's Academy

The sun is out and year 5 are enjoying their early morning Basketball session thanks Harris Academy South Norwood.…


Thanks to for delivering the session 'Interview Success' to our Year 12s - a great job by Evelina,…


Great catch from Joel, one for the future and


Big thanks to coming down to teach our pupils about Ultimate Frisbee.


Year 8 Boys secure a strong win against Oasis Coulsdon. Goals from Edison, Donnell, Russell and Benedict in the 4-2…


Big win for Y9 against St Joseph's. The boys are top of the league, thanks to a goal from Luca and another clean sh…

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Why should I choose Sociology?


  • Do you wonder what fuels our apparent fixation with celebrity?
  • Is it just gossip in a modern form?
  • Is it that it provides endless, easily obtained content for our multiplying TV channels, newspaper pages and magazines?
  • Could it be both?
  • Or even something much more profound about the class system of modern Britain?
  • You may be already thinking ‘But class doesn’t mean anything anymore’. Are you sure?
  • Why is the number of years you can expect to live still associated with your occupation?
  • What about the way that your gender, religion, and ethnic background open up or close down opportunities in your life?
  • What kinds of spiritual faith do people have in Britain today? And how far do the media affect how personal lifestyle choices are viewed by wider society?

Sociology is the study of how society is organised and how we experience life. If the questions above arouse curiosity then this may be a good subject for you.


Assessment Procedures

  • 100% Exam
  • Two exams (Unit 1 and Unit 2) 50% each.
  • Assessments are taken at the end of the course. Exams consist of both short answer questions, which require a paragraph and essay questions which require an extended answer.


Topic/ Unit Breakdown

Unit 1

  • The sociology of families
  • The sociology of education
  • Relevant areas of social theory and methodology

Unit 2

  • The sociology of crime and deviance
  • The sociology of social stratification
  • Relevant areas of social theory and methodology


Future Pathways

People who study sociology can go on to careers in  Teaching, Law,  journalists, civil servants, researchers, academics and a whole host of other jobs. It links well with AS and A—level Sociology, Psychology, Politics and Law.

  • Required skills/ aptitudes
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Good time management and organisational skills.
  • Genuine interest to explore and learn about the world they live in.


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