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Huge numbers of students turned out to be tested these past two days. We cannot wait to have you all back with us properly on Monday (year 10-13) and Tuesday (all years)!


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‘Linguachef’ Cooking completion open to anyone in the Harris Academy Beulah Hill family... Students (past or present!), parents, staff, or local primaries? Ms Bonney fancies herself a pretty good cook; can you create an international dish to beat it?


Testing Station's and booths all laid out ready for aysmptomatic testing tomorrow!


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😋How can we possibly choose a winner from these amazing entries? They are all so brilliant! 😋


It's at HASN! Students will be hearing about a different career in every lesson this week!


We're ready for


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Here at Harris Beulah Hill we encourage all students to read regularly; we know this helps students to broaden their vocabulary, develop empathy, helps them with concentration, and sparks imagination. Want to support your child in reading? There are some great tips here...


Really excited about National Careers Week! Our teachers will be using Unifrog to share top careers information with students


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In 2020, we were awarded £750k to invest in the site. Returning students will see the stunning result of this some of this spending; a state of the art DT Room with laser cutter and 3D printer, and a brand new Food Tech room. Perfect for the next James Dyson or Lorraine Pascal..


2 more students accepted onto the Trinity College Target Oxbridge programme today!


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From , Mahi is one of our amazing prizewinners - taught by N. Robinson, J. Kennedy and N. Prempeh-Rouillon. Emily is a vocab whizz from , taught by S. Longstaff. Keren from J. Cuthbert's class is a Bedrock star from . 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳


A huge congratulations to Mahi in YR9 who has been awarded a £10 Amazon gift voucher from for his tenacity to keep learning over lock down.


Exciting news for one of our year 10 boys today, as he was accepted on to the Trinity College Target Oxbridge programme today!


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I don’t know much about poetry, but our Head of English tells me this is excellent, especially from a Year 9. Well done Sariyah! is an Ofsted Outstanding School, where scholarship and academic excellence are central to everything we do.


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Year 10 artists have been working incredibly hard in online lessons, and developing their tonal drawings of still life with the help of their teacher, Mr Onitolo. This a stunning piece, by the very talented Dorcas.


This month, KS3 students at HASN are learning the following words with : strident, gruesome, crucial, formidable, discern and languish.


Shout out to this week's Year 9 champions at the Beulah site: Deshawn improved his engagement by 49%, and Alex completed 4 lessons and earned 53 points! Congratulations


Shout out to this week's Year 8 champions at the Beulah site: Lucas improved his engagement by 203%, Felicia completed 5 lessons, and Naisean earned 80 points! Congratulations


Shout out to this week's Year 7 champions at the Beulah site: Blessing improved her engagement by 152%, Ibrahim completed 4 lessons, and Kazim earned 46 points! Congratulations


A huge shout out to this week's Year 9 Champions at the Clocktower site: Ryan improved engagement by 396%, Chante and Tope completed 8 lessons each, and Satar completed 32 topics! Congratulations!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Year 10 & 11 English at HASN

KS4 English at HASN (South & Upper site)

AQA English Literature

Students will study a 19th century text (‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens), a Shakespeare play (‘Macbeth’), a modern play (‘An Inspector Calls’ by J.B. Priestly) a collection of poetry from AQA’s Power and Conflict anthology, and unseen poetry in Year 10, and revise all 5 texts in Year 11.

Edexcel English Language

Students will analyse and evaluate a range of extracts from nineteenth century fiction, and create their own imaginative writing for Language Paper 1 over the two year course. They will analyse, evaluate and compare a range of extracts from 20th and 21st century non-fiction texts, and create their own transactional writing for Language Paper 2 over the two year course.

How are students assessed, and what do the reports mean?

Students take a formal assessments in Literature and Language in the Autumn and Summer terms in Year 10. These are marked by teachers. 

Students are formally assessed in Speaking and Listening in the Summer term in Year 10. This is graded by teachers and moderated by the exam board. Students will be awarded a Speaking and Listening endorsement as part of their GCSE Language qualification.

Students take formal mock exams in the Autumn and Spring terms in Year 11. These are marked by teachers. They then sit two Literature exam papers and two Language exam papers in the Summer for their GCSE qualification.

How can you help?

Building vocabulary:

·     Step One: Invest in a big dictionary.

·     Step Two: Read with your child for 20-30 minutes each day. (Fiction or Non-fiction).

·     Step Three: Highlight words they don’t know.

·     Step Four: Find the definition.

·     Step Five: Challenge them to use the new piece of vocabulary in four different sentences. 


Support with homework or revision:

·     Check Show My Homework regularly to help them manage their time and work load.

·     CPG revision guides for all of the literature texts, and revision guides for the language exams can be purchased in the academy LRC.

·     Copies of the literature texts can be purchased from the LRC.

·     Join our Parent Book Club! Read and discuss the texts they are studying alongside them.