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Watch & teacher run in Finals tomorrow on BBC2


Class is permanent


Retweetd From Harris Federation Chinese

And in other great news, former student Lauren has just gained a first for her first year studying Chinese at university! Keep it going Lauren!


Retweetd From Harris Federation

Thanks to , 115 students got a GCSE in Mandarin yesterday – with well over half getting a Grade 7 or higher!


Retweetd From Harris Federation Chinese

Congratulations and well done to all students collecting their results for the Chinese GCSE today! More than 100 students across have opened doors to fantastic opportunities for their future. 👏👏


Retweetd From Shea Williams

So, sooooo proud of every single person getting their GCSE results today. Whether you smashed it or they didn’t go quite as expected, we all worked hard for our grades and that’s what counts. Also, life isn’t over! That piece of paper does not determine your whole future💚


Retweetd From Harris Federation

Congratulations to all at on their superb today. A special mention goes to Viktoria, who achieved a Grade 9 in all 11 of her subjects - a remarkable achievement.


Retweetd From Harris Rainham

Zainab delighted with her results today, Grade 7 and 8s across the board. Well done.


Retweetd From HarrisBoys'Academy

Congratulations to our students on their superb GCSE results! “I want to congratulate every one of our outgoing Year 11 on their exceptional results which reflect their hard work and commitment to their studies." Mr Groves, Principal. Find out more


Retweetd From Harris Invictus

Harris Invictus Academy Congratulations to Year 11, on their GCSE results. First ever students at Invictus, celebrating our first ever set of results. The students have done remarkably well. A fantastic achievement for Invictus. .


Retweetd From Patsy Cummings

Congratulations!! So proud South Norwood's Finest!


Wonderful GCSE results at Harris South Norwood where 78% gained a 4+ in English and 30% of all 318 students achieved the Ebacc.


Ms Bushay with Croydon Deputy Youth Mayor Shea (right) & Nasira who both got a full set of grades at 8 or better. Nasira (left) achieved six grade 9s! Wonderful achievements


Students collecting their superb results at GCSE this morning - here is Alicia with her four grade 9s in Biology, Geography, English Language & Literature and four other 8s


Retweetd From Harris Federation

Here are some of our brilliant students heading to and this year. Many are the first in their family to attend university and all have beaten extraordinary odds to get there. We are so proud of them and wish them every happiness and success.


Retweetd From Shea Williams

Having a tour of the new building. It’s so open and amazing, can’t wait for the official opening in September!


Retweetd From Sian Griffiths

If you are looking for a university place has a guide today full of advice. Top of the bill is this by Andrew Halls, head of one of our top schools


Retweetd From Girton College

🎉Congratulations Esther👏- we look forward to seeing you in October!


Retweetd From UCL School of Pharmacy

We're looking forward to welcoming her to the UCL . Well done on your fantastic achievements, Sawida. We hope you will continue to do well. See you in a few weeks.


Retweetd From Liz

What a fantastic result for Eliana, she’s a super student- you’re very lucky to have her, what an achiever

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Year 10 & 11 English at HASN

KS4 English at HASN (South & Upper site)

AQA English Literature

Students will study a 19th century text (‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens), a Shakespeare play (‘Macbeth’), a modern play (‘An Inspector Calls’ by J.B. Priestly) a collection of poetry from AQA’s Power and Conflict anthology, and unseen poetry in Year 10, and revise all 5 texts in Year 11.

Edexcel English Language

Students will analyse and evaluate a range of extracts from nineteenth century fiction, and create their own imaginative writing for Language Paper 1 over the two year course. They will analyse, evaluate and compare a range of extracts from 20th and 21st century non-fiction texts, and create their own transactional writing for Language Paper 2 over the two year course.

How are students assessed, and what do the reports mean?

Students take a formal assessments in Literature and Language in the Autumn and Summer terms in Year 10. These are marked by teachers. 

Students are formally assessed in Speaking and Listening in the Summer term in Year 10. This is graded by teachers and moderated by the exam board. Students will be awarded a Speaking and Listening endorsement as part of their GCSE Language qualification.

Students take formal mock exams in the Autumn and Spring terms in Year 11. These are marked by teachers. They then sit two Literature exam papers and two Language exam papers in the Summer for their GCSE qualification.

How can you help?

Building vocabulary:

·     Step One: Invest in a big dictionary.

·     Step Two: Read with your child for 20-30 minutes each day. (Fiction or Non-fiction).

·     Step Three: Highlight words they don’t know.

·     Step Four: Find the definition.

·     Step Five: Challenge them to use the new piece of vocabulary in four different sentences. 


Support with homework or revision:

·     Check Show My Homework regularly to help them manage their time and work load.

·     CPG revision guides for all of the literature texts, and revision guides for the language exams can be purchased in the academy LRC.

·     Copies of the literature texts can be purchased from the LRC.

·     Join our Parent Book Club! Read and discuss the texts they are studying alongside them.